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Daily updated list of Deleted Domains from DomCop

Domain Moz
Drops In
DA Trend
3 yrs
casaruby.org 47/100 702 18/100 21/100 308 215 1d 02h
whatdoiknow.org 37/100 1169 30/100 27/100 475 381 1d 03h
gregledet.net 32/100 1190 20/100 19/100 473 139 1d 23h
neuroxl.com 23/100 4219 25/100 47/100 1866 1167 1d 23h
flemingmultimedia.com 23/100 304 23/100 16/100 133 73 2d 00h
furuimachinami.com 25/100 1165 24/100 23/100 446 188 2d 00h
melbournestar.com 47/100 975 17/100 22/100 425 292 2d 01h
fontcraft.com 48/100 3636 26/100 24/100 756 350 2d 23h
theallegheny.com 21/100 216 25/100 14/100 113 58 2d 23h
kentuckytheater.com 43/100 615 20/100 18/100 149 125 2d 23h
sotterley.com 23/100 144 18/100 13/100 121 77 2d 23h
supremealarm.com 32/100 561 24/100 17/100 110 94 3d 00h
wiki2.info 27/100 324 16/100 19/100 172 86 3d 01h
thepeacefund.org 27/100 290 17/100 28/100 155 86 3d 01h
essamalzamel.com 24/100 909 25/100 18/100 108 51 3d 02h
sutree.com 38/100 1811 30/100 22/100 318 224 3d 03h
bondsareforlosers.com 36/100 1187 22/100 34/100 211 130 3d 03h
1051theblaze.com 34/100 378 19/100 17/100 103 84 3d 03h
iloveepoetry.com 34/100 414 17/100 24/100 274 132 3d 23h
datacent.com 53/100 2398 25/100 27/100 697 465 4d 00h
schd.ws 48/100 2080 22/100 25/100 875 513 4d 01h
butanol.com 30/100 489 24/100 19/100 670 136 4d 01h
sillyhumor.com 26/100 435 25/100 16/100 118 102 4d 02h
herbsmd.com 25/100 535 17/100 20/100 111 98 4d 02h
te3p.com 41/100 4093 24/100 20/100 532 310 4d 03h
gozaar.org 32/100 911 20/100 21/100 199 136 4d 03h
miobeans.com 28/100 349 26/100 18/100 120 87 4d 03h
foroactivo.net 59/100 8242 16/100 24/100 1224 721 4d 03h
eduiconf.org 37/100 320 18/100 19/100 118 90 4d 04h
micfo.com 33/100 1518 19/100 26/100 336 230 5d 00h
gondwanaresearch.com 28/100 510 24/100 17/100 1412 137 5d 00h
behindthespeakers.com 30/100 1302 19/100 27/100 207 92 5d 00h
alexandertech.org 28/100 291 28/100 19/100 122 107 5d 01h
itsbiography.com 53/100 2800 16/100 22/100 670 512 5d 01h
fishinglidokey.com 22/100 940 17/100 16/100 167 110 5d 01h

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What are deleted domains?

What are deleted domains?

A deleted domain name is one that its owner has not renewed, which will be shortly dropped from the registry.

When a domain owner does not renew the domain, he has 30 days to renew it before it enters a pending delete state. Once it enters the pending delete, the owner can no longer renew the domain, and it is set to drop within 7 days (depending on the domain extension & TLD [top level domain]).

After 7 days the domain expires and is available for domain registration by anyone after it drops. Here are where drop-catching softwares come into action and try to catch the domain for their customers.

These are aged spam free deleted domains with great back links. Perfect for your PBNs.

What happens when a domain is deleted?

What happens when a domain is deleted?

30 days after the renewal expiration date, when a domain is deleted, it drops from the registry into the pool where anyone can purchase the domain. This is now an expired domain name.

Drop catching software keep track of the time of deletion and, at that time, will try and purchase the domain for their clients. Larger companies like NameJet, and DropCatch have a better opportunity to catch these domains as they have multiple connections to the domain registrars.

Since a lot of deleted domains are very valuable, there is intense competition among domainers and SEOs for catching the domains, and often the best domains end up in domain auctions like GoDaddy auctions, DynaDot auctions & NameJet auctions.

How long after a domain is deleted can I buy it?

How long after a domain is deleted can I buy it?

You can purchase a domain as soon as it drops.

There is confusing terminology in the domain space which makes this difficult to explain. Every domain owner has 30 days redemption grace period to renew a domain after he has passed the renewal data.

Once the 30 days passes, the domain enters a zombie like state called "Pending Delete". This typically lasts for 5 days and during this state no one can purchase the domain, not even the original owner.

After this state is complete the domain then drops and is considered to be deleted. It is at this time when you can purchase the delete domain.

What is the difference between a deleted and an expired domain?

What is the difference between a deleted and an expired domain?

Technically an expired domain is one that is in currently the pending delete state. This state lasts for 5 days generally, and during this state no one can purchase the domain, not even the original domain owner. Once 5 days are completed, the domain is then considered to be deleted.

That said, many people online confuse the two terms and consider them the same. Due to this many times these terms are used interchangeably. Goole too seems to show the similar results for both these terms, so we cannot blame people for being confused.

How do deleted domains make money?

Deleted domains are valuable for either their name or their inbound link profile (those with high quality backlinks). These desired domains are puchased by Domainers, SEOs, Affiliate Marketers and Entrepreneurs.

Domaining: If the name is a short common word, then domainers will buy domains to re-sell to large companies. This is called domain flipping. They may also set up a few basic web pages and sell this as a started site.

SEO: If the backlink profile is valuable, then SEOs will acquire it for off-page search engine optimization, to improve their search engine rankings in the Google search results.

SEOs may use this as their money-site, or to create a PBN (private blog network), or just 301 redirect the backlinks to their own or client's existing websites to make them rank well on Google & other search engines. SEOs care about spammy backlinks and so rely on important Moz & Majestic link metrics - for e.g. Moz Domain Authority, Majestic Trust Flow & Open Page Rank.

Affiliates: Affiliates look for expired domain names with high traffic and set up a new website to point the domain to their existing website and make money with affiliate links. Affiliates may also use the Wayback Machine to get the old main website back up on a new web hosting and simply add affiliate links to existing content. They could also modify anchor texts and use the link juice to get additional traffic from Google (like SEOs do).

Business: Many entrepreneurs prefer an aged domain to a brand new domain, and so may purchase expired domains for their new projects. This is useful if along with domain age, the old site was of a similar business. Some pick up recently dropped domains that are still available in the Google Index and monetize using Google Adsense.

How do deleted domains make money?

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Fred Lesage

When I discovered domcop.com, it was already answering most of my needs, but lacked a few functions. Just a small request to support and the 3 functions I suggested were implemented about 4 days after. What a response!

Fred Lesage